A guaranteed high-performance investment is represented by penstocks, which allow a significant saving of water, a better yield of crops as well as the absence of pollution.

From output collectors to the special units for water installations, all products are built in hot dip-galvanized steel and can be coated with a bituminous sheath, coupled to flanges, female cup heads and calibrated heads for buried pipelines.

They are built with diameters up to DN1200 and beyond, with automatic and certified welding processes, hence quality and reliability of the finished product is guaranteed.








GALLERY Penstocks

Floating pumping station
Fitting DN1200
Coated fittings DN500
Collector DN600
Fittings for PVC
Duct DN600
Fitting DN700
Collector DN600
Overpass DN600
Hoses DN600
Fittings VTR DN350-400-500
T-fitting DN600