Portable Valve Actuators

Our actuators are portable devices, conceived, designed and approved for handling sluice gates, i.e. mobile locking systems along rivers or water flows, to control and regulate their flow amount.

Practical, with their light weight; reliable, because they are built in light alloys coupled to most recent engines and components; compliant with safety legislation, with their internal clutch and adjustable anti-rotation pin system that prevents accidental rotation. Our portable valve actuators represent the easiest, fastest and most efficient method to operate sluice gates and penstock valves when no electrical power is available, without requesting any physical effort from the operators.

With the goal to offer a comprehensive system, a wide set of accessories is available; these can be either standard or made-to-measure so as to solve all problems related to usage on valves, manual gearbox reducers, and emergency operations on electric actuators of any brand.

With two battery-operated (APB45N - APB60N) and two engine-operated models (APS100N - APS140N) these portable devices offer quick and safe interventions to all operators involved in distribution, treatment and reclamation of water flows.


Model APB45N Modell APB60N Model APS100N
Model APS140N Accessories APB-APS Bushings for APB-APS
Reducers etchings Anti-rotation flanges Kit AUMA-BIFFI-DREHMO


GALLERY Portable Valve Actuators

Portable actuator model APB45N
Portable Actuator model APB60N
Portable actuator model APS100N
Portable actuator model APS140N
Accessories for APB-APS portable actuators
Bushings for APB-APS portable actuators
Adaptors for gearbox reducers
Anti-rotation flanges for gearbox reducers
Kit for electrical actuators AUMA-BIFFI-DREHMO