Bushings for APB-APS-RPM


Bushings have the role of transmitting the rotation movement from portable valve actuators to gearbox reduces and can be applied indifferently to any model of APB/APS.
They can be subdivided in two main categories: square and cylindrical. The most common type is the one with Square 24x24mm/0,94x0,94'' because with a series of reducers’ adaptors (that uniform all output shafts from cylindrical to square) it allows to perform all required operations avoiding to continuously change the bushing on portable actuator.
Anyway, different types of bushings are available (male, female, half-moon, with ISO adaptor, bayonet or even built on purpose, based on the Customer’s specific requirements) to cope with any type of adaptor.

* All bushings can be installed on telescopic shaft of RPM100N and RPM300N portable valve gearboxes (please make reference to RPM section under 'Product' menu)


Coupling bushing-adaptor Q24X24
Bushing Q24x24 with Adaptor Q24 for shaft Ø25mm
Bushing Q24x24 adaptor Q24 for shaft Ø20
Coupling between bushing and shaft Ø25
Cylindrical bushing on shaft Ø25
Cylindrical bushing on shaft Ø20
Cod. ADA024L020 - Bushing extension L=20/35mm
Cod. ADA024L065 - Bushing extension
Cod. BFC020C001 - Female cylindrical bushing Ø20mm / 0,78''
Cod. BFC023C001 - Female cylindrical bushing Ø23mm / 0,90''
Cod. BFC025C001 - Female cylindrical bushing Ø25mm / 0,98''
Cod. BFC030C001 - Female cylindrical bushing Ø30mm / 1,18''
Cod. BFL020L001 - Female half-moon bushing size 20mm / 0,79''
Cod. BFL022L001 - Female half-moon bushing size 22mm / 0,86''
Cod. BFL040L001 - Female half-moon bushing size 40mm / 1,57''
Cod. BFQ020Q001 - Female square bushing Q20x20mm / 0,78x0,78''
Cod. BFQ022Q001 - Female square bushing Q22x22mm / 0,86x0,86''
Cod. BFQ024Q001 - Female square bushing Q24x24mm / 0,94x0,94''
Cod. BFQ025Q001 - Female square bushing Q25x25mm / 0,98x0,98''
Cod. BFQ026Q001 - Female square bushing Q26x26mm / 1,02x1,02''
Cod. BFQ028Q001 - Female square bushing Q28x28mm / 1,10x1,10''
Cod. BFQ030Q001 - Female square bushing Q30x30mm / 1,18x1,18''
Cod. BMS001S001 - Male/Female special bushing 3/4"
Cod. BMS002S001 - Male/Female special bushing 1"
Cod. BFQ017X014 - Female conical square bushing 17/14mm / 0,66/0,55''
Cod. BFQ019X017 - Female conical square bushing 19/17mm / 0,74/0,66''
Cod. BFQ022X019 - Female conical square bushing 22/19mm / 0,86/0,74''
Cod. BFQ027X024 - Female conical square bushing 27/24mm / 1,06/0,94''
Cod. BFQ032X027 - Female conical square bushing 32/27mm / 1,25/1,06''
Cod. BFQ036X032 - Female conical square bushing 36/32mm / 1,41/1,25''
Cod. BFQ040Q001 - Female square bushing Q40x40mm / 1,57x1,57'' (only for RPM devices)
Cod. BFQ050Q001 - Female square bushing Q2''x2'' (only for RPM devices)