Sluice gates and Valves

The sluice gates, of various types, have the function of regulating the water flow or serving as security devices on channels, penstocks or hydraulic systems.

Made in iron or stainless steel, they have a neoprene rubber seal musical-note shaped or plates of various sizes.

Sliding sluice gate occurs by mere gliding or by moving on wheels made of self-lubricating material.

These gates may be manually operated via hand-wheel, pulleys and reduction gears, electric actuator or hydraulic installation, or electro-hydraulically commanded with quick lock-up, as is the case with security sluice gates.


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 GALLERY Sluice gates

Plane sluice gate with manual operation via reducer
Powered vertical sluice gate with non-protruding screws
Gate door
Powered sluice gate with remote control
Double-shield gates
Anti-flooding gate door
One-way doors (or valves)
Sluice gate with double filling level
Sluice gate with direct manual operation
Hydraulic sluice gate
Fanned sluice gate
Sluice gate with double independent operation
Sluice gates with touching adjustment
Anti-reflux sluice gate (or valve)
Plane sluice gate with vital flux
Flap gate with manual operation
Electrified flap gate
Electrohydraulic flap gate
Safety 'flap gate' with fast opening
Sluice gates with multiple-revolution actuator
Anti-flooding gate door
Flap gate
Detail of flap gate
Manual sluice gates with bevel gears