One of F.lli Scapin’s strong points is definitely represented by steelworks, with a department equipped to cope with any level of machining, from light to medium-heavy.

The qualified technical staff and the certified welding process make it possible for the company to guarantee high quality, reliability and certainty of the supplied product.

Through a detailed planning of activities, the constant assistance of the technical department ensures a work process meant at achieving the Customers’ aims.







GALLERY Steelworks

Guillotine door
Spreader’s structure
Sheath spooling drums
Penstock shield
Stainless steel cochlea
Pump liner hose DN1000
Pedestrian-bicycle bridge, 2nd cathegory
Road’s parapects
Chimney flue inspection catwalk
Structure for cover
Segment carrier
Pumping System for Adige River - Detail
Pumping System for Adige River - Installation
Pumping System for Adige River